Alix Morrison, RMT

Alix Bio


AlixPollardphotoAlexandra (Pollard) Morrison graduated with Honours from Toronto’s Kikkawa College of Massage Therapy in 2004.

With a background in competitive swimming, Alix is no stranger to injury and ailments. She suffered a career ending back injury caused by overtraining which plagued her for years and knows firsthand the healing benefits of Massage Therapy.

Alix enjoys working with a broad demographic of clients including recreational to professional athletes. She treated at a multi-disciplinary sports therapy clinic in Edmonton for a number of years before moving to Victoria in 2009.  She worked as a member of Athletics Canada’s Integrated Support Team and continues to work with the University of Victoria’s middle distance running team.

Over the years, Alix has refined her expertise in a number of modalities including deep tissue massage, trigger point release, Myofascial Release, sports injury and rehabilitation, pre/post natal massage, joint manipulations, and post-surgical care.

Alix continues to build her knowledge with ongoing education specifically focused on the fascial system in her quest to find the best tools to relieve pain, reduce stress and improve physical function and quality of life for her clients.

In her time off, Alix has a passion for surfing and enjoys travelling with her husband to warm water surf destinations. She also spends time running, playing tennis, painting, hiking, gardening and doing yoga.


 Alix has recently moved her practice to View Royal, BC (close to Thetis Lake). 


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